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I'm a 32 year old first time mama who has only recently become aware of the many toxins all around us, all the time. I’ve been doing my best since being about 6 months pregnant to live a healthier lifestyle and rid my home of harmful chemicals. Thankfully, I’ve had a ton of help along the way, most notably from a dear friend friend of mine and NaturalBabyMama, whose wordpress blog I highly recommend. I used her as a resource for everything when beginning this journey. (And I'll link to her blog throughout mine.) I eventually decided to start my own blog as I started gathering more info myself. It's been awesome to be a part of this community of people seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully more and more of us will call attention to these issues so healthier products become more accessible to us all!

Nontoxic Cleaning Products

You can certainly look to the EWG databases for pre-made nontoxic cleaning products, but several months ago, I decided to make many of my own.  I began with google searching and came across the blog From Faye, which I found … Continue reading

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Toys, Toys, Toys

So, of course I started with NaturalBabyMama’s list, and then did a bit of research on my own.  Here’s what I’ve put together so far. BOOKS Victoria Van der Laan (through her Etsy Shop Ex libris handmade) makes little books … Continue reading

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Plants: Natural Indoor Air Purifiers

Ok, haven’t researched this a ton, but thought it might be a useful thing to have on this blog since I went out and bought a few of these plants for my home. A NASA study in 1989 (says this … Continue reading

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GOTS Organic Baby Clothes? (Yes, having fun with the pun.)

[Updated 8/15 with Burt’s Bees Baby info and a few other minor changes.] I have been dying to write this post.  Of all the crazy non-toxic things I tell my friends about, the one thing they seem most interested in … Continue reading

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Pesticides in Baby Food

I am going to try and make my own baby food.  Since my little munchkin is only 4 months right now, I don’t have too much to write about this.  That said, when I was researching EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” (see … Continue reading

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Flame Retardant Wack-A-Mole

After I wrote the post “Car Seats and Flame Retardants,” I realized I hadn’t talked about which flame retardants are in car seats and why these are harmful.  The buzz about flame retardants isn’t that they are there (they could … Continue reading

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Organic Foods & EWG’s Dirty Dz/Clean 15

If I could buy organic everything, I would.  But with a little one and daycare costs and housing costs out of control in this city, we find ourselves choosing organic sometimes, not all the time.  Thankfully, the Environmental Working Group has … Continue reading

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