Toys, Toys, Toys

So, of course I started with NaturalBabyMama’s list, and then did a bit of research on my own.  Here’s what I’ve put together so far.


Victoria Van der Laan (through her Etsy Shop Ex libris handmade) makes little books from 100% organic cotton.  All the fabric of the books is GOTS certified and the batting is USDA certified.  They are gorgeous and awesome.  Cannot wait to get one.


I love the look of natural wood toys – especially with the different colors of natural wood – cherry, maple.  After a good finish is applied, these look stunning.

Manzanita Kids:  LOVE this family run business (seriously, it’s just the parents making the toys, with “help” from their kids).  They have an awesome puzzle section — many of the other companies don’t seem to have puzzles like this.  They also have an Etsy shop:

Elves and Angels:  Also love this family run business, which includes a much bigger family!  Their toys are made from white pine, ash, and birch wood, and they use a nontoxic linseed oil for polish.  The only thing I don’t love is about the website – they feature other companies’ toys.  When I asked how to differentiate between their products and others, I was told: (1) E&A only makes natural toys, no dyes or colors and (2) all the E&A toys will have names attached to them (e.g., Julianna’s Kitchen, Nathan’s Kitchen, Jessie’s Kitchen) or say “downeast.”  The exceptions to this are the wooden castles (all of them), the Maine Dollhouse and the Fairytale Castle, which E&A makes themselves.  The toys are so gorgeous, I think it’s worth trying to sort through this!

Camden Rose:  Makes gorgeous wooden toys, made with maple, cherry, walnut, and beechwood.  Some of their products are finished with jojoba oil and beeswax, others with a mineral food-grade oil.  Their bowls, utensils, and kitchen items (including cutting boards and platters) are made with their pesticide-free All Natural Beeswax Polish.  The Cherry Rattle also is also finished with the All Natural Beeswax Polish, and the maple teether comes unfinished (and is awesome).  Also, I am absolutely in love with these blocks, but I would probably call the company and ask to have them finished with the All Natural Beeswax Polish, rather than the Original Beeswax that they come with – the Original Beeswax is made with a food grade oil, which is probably fine, but since my babe will definitely be chewing on these, I’d prefer the organic polish.  You can always order them unfinished and buy their polish separately to polish them yourself, too.  (My love remains virtual right now; we don’t own them… yet!)

Their wholesale catalog makes looking through many products at one time quite easy.  Also, Palumba is the retail division of Camden Rose and sells CR toys as well as toys from other companies.  Of course, you can get them from Amazon and other retailers as well.

Smiling Tree Toys is another family owned business with an Etsy shop:   The toys are gorgeous and they seem to do quite a bit of personalizing.


Plan Toys:  These toys are awesome.  We have the mobile for the crib, the activity gym, and the stacking rings.  One thing to know about them is that they began making toys from composite wood (from the sawdust leftover).  On their website, they describe these as made with Planwood.  I emailed asking how to differentiate between these and the solid wood toys when buying from other retailers, and I was told only by the look of the toys in the picture.  It’s true, the solid wood toys have a more beautiful, smooth look, whereas the composite ones look grainier.

Grimms:  Gorgeous colorful toys.  You can’t buy through their website, but you can buy many through amazon or just google “grimm toys” and you’ll find plenty of retailers.  I’ve emailed the company asking a few questions about these, but in general, they comply with tough European standards, so I am quite happy with these, even the ones with paint.


Under The Nile (one of my favorite clothing companies!) also has a lot of beautiful soft toys, made of GOTS certified organic cotton.  The bunny “blanket friend” (aka lovey, in our home) is incredible.  We have two, just in case one gets dirty or lost!

Camden Rose also has some soft toys, but a quick read on these didn’t mention that they were made with organic materials, so I’m sticking with UTN for now.


I hope to find more companies with colored and soft toys, so I’ll update this once I have them.  For now, I absolutely love having wood toys – natural and colored!







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I'm a 32 year old first time mama who has only recently become aware of the many toxins all around us, all the time. I’ve been doing my best since being about 6 months pregnant to live a healthier lifestyle and rid my home of harmful chemicals. Thankfully, I’ve had a ton of help along the way, most notably from a dear friend friend of mine and NaturalBabyMama, whose wordpress blog I highly recommend. I used her as a resource for everything when beginning this journey. (And I'll link to her blog throughout mine.) I eventually decided to start my own blog as I started gathering more info myself. It's been awesome to be a part of this community of people seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully more and more of us will call attention to these issues so healthier products become more accessible to us all!
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