GOTS Organic Baby Clothes? (Yes, having fun with the pun.)

[Updated 8/15 with Burt’s Bees Baby info and a few other minor changes.]

I have been dying to write this post.  Of all the crazy non-toxic things I tell my friends about, the one thing they seem most interested in is the list of organic clothing companies I have compiled.  While the babe does wear lots of clothing gifted to us by our friends and family that is not made of GOTS certified cotton, I have finally committed to buying only clothes with that label from here on out.  (Not sure about that label?  See my post explaining GOTS.)  I’m sure other pieces will still trickle in, and I try to be reasonable about it, but my own purchases will be from the companies listed below.  My list is not comprehensive; no doubt there are many more companies that make GOTS certified clothes, so if you know of them, please share.

(If you’re not sure about the benefits of organic baby clothes, check out Natural Baby Mama’s post “Is organic clothing worth it?.”  She has a ton of information on conventional and organic fibers and why she feels organic is worth it (and I agree).  Thanks, NBM!)

One more thing before the list – if you don’t know already, you’ll soon learn that GOTS certified clothing is NOT cheap (like all other healthy products, right? don’t get me started on this!).  The good news is these companies often have sale items and you can sometimes find them on Zulily.  I have my Zulily account set up to notify me when my favorite brands are featured.

THE List!

My Absolute Favorite:

Burt’s Bees Baby:  I LOVE Burt’s Bees!  I learned of them so late in my research – my babe was about 9 months when I found them, but since then, I usually go to BBB’s before anywhere else.  They are 100% organic cotton and their line became GOTS certified in the summer of 2014.  The reason they are my favorite is because of their selection of adorable, super comfy clothes.  They have the largest selection of any company I’ve seen, covering quite the age range (not just infants, like many GOTS companies).  And while it is lower on my priority list, who doesn’t love super CUTE CUTE CUTE clothes for their babe?!  BBB has some of the cutest GOTS clothes out there!

Other Favorites:

Under the Nile: When my babe was still an infant (and I hadn’t yet heard of Burt’s Bees being organic cotton) this was my favorite company.  It took me a little while to love their designs; admittedly, it was the quality of the clothes and the assurance of how they were made that kept me coming back.  Then, I had a wonderful customer service experience, and I was given a pair of their swaddle blankets, and I’ve been hooked.  (Those blankets are the softest I have ever found!)  Another reason I love UtN is the amount of information on their website.  They discuss their founders, manufacturers, policies, how they treat their employers, where their cotton comes from, etc.  They even provide their employees with two organic meals a day.  How could I not be smitten?!

Sage Creek Organics: Before you buy from them, sign up for an account.  They immediately send you a 25% coupon code to use on your entire purchase, and they have sales all the time.  I recently ordered a few things from here and have been impressed with the quality.  The footsies (and onesies) are very thick and super soft.  They are my go-to footsy place for this reason.

My O Baby:  I cannot find the GOTS certification on their website, but I emailed the founder of the company (Jyoti) and she assured me they have the certification.  These clothes are ADORABLE.  Her website is not easy to use, and it’s not an e-commerce site, so you can’t buy clothing directly online.  (When I emailed her about this, she said that if I placed an order for at least $100, I could buy from her directly, so this is an option.)  I purchased several items from Zulily and they are awesome; feel well-made and look super cute.  I’m excited to have them.

The Green Creation: So these guys actually have some inexpensive ($14) onesies (or bodysuits).  I ordered one from a Zulily sale once, and it’s adorable.  The little ribbons on the shoulders became frayed after the first wash, but I just cut them off.  Will definitely order more from this company to keep trying them out.

Kate Quinn Organics:  Wow, are these clothes gorgeous.  AND pricey.  I took them up on a Zulily sale and bought a $60 dress for $30, and it is more gorgeous (and soft) than it looks online.  They recently had a sale where all dresses were $20 (rather than $70!), so I’ll have to keep my eye out for more events like that.

Colored Organics: Onesies on Zulily for $10 – you bet I ordered many!  The sizes are a bit odd – I ordered a bunch 6-12 months, and they were definitely big on my 6 month old, but the good news is they really did last until she was 12 (maybe 13ish) months.  The solid color onesies were super soft and my favorites.  The striped ones were also great, but not quite as soft.  I would order both again.

Companies I look forward to purchasing from:

Nohi Kids:  Also GOTS certified per an email from the company.  (Their website talks about the manufacturer ensuring workplace safety, fair wages, etc, so I thought they probably were, but emailed to ask.)

Finn & Emma:  F&E wins the award for best website.  Wow.  Their clothes look amazing, too.  Although I couldn’t find the GOTS certification on their site, I emailed them, and they assured me they are.  They also have also partnered with Lullaby paint so you can have nontoxic paint that matches their products.  (Yeah, totally for the rich, right?!  Seriously, they’re gorgeous colors, so I couldn’t blame you for doing it.)  I’m going to look more into this paint thing and have a post on that as well.

Sweet Peanut: GOTS certified, per email from company.  Designed in Vancouver; made in India.

Sckoon Organics: GOTS certified, per email from company.

Kids Organic:  This brand seems to be hot with the celebs, but I find most of their clothing not attractive.  Go figure!

I’ve heard about several other companies that are GOTS, but haven’t verified them just yet.  When I do, I’ll update.  Again, if you know of companies that are, please share!


About mynaturebaby

I'm a 32 year old first time mama who has only recently become aware of the many toxins all around us, all the time. I’ve been doing my best since being about 6 months pregnant to live a healthier lifestyle and rid my home of harmful chemicals. Thankfully, I’ve had a ton of help along the way, most notably from a dear friend friend of mine and NaturalBabyMama, whose wordpress blog I highly recommend. I used her as a resource for everything when beginning this journey. (And I'll link to her blog throughout mine.) I eventually decided to start my own blog as I started gathering more info myself. It's been awesome to be a part of this community of people seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully more and more of us will call attention to these issues so healthier products become more accessible to us all!
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2 Responses to GOTS Organic Baby Clothes? (Yes, having fun with the pun.)

  1. Mrs. D says:

    I am so glad I found your blog!! I have been researching non-toxic nursery/baby essentials and it is overwhelming!! Thank you!

    • mynaturebaby says:

      Hi, Mrs. D – I got your comment when you wrote it, so many months ago. It popped up on my phone, but I was a few months back into working (after maternity leave) and things were (are still) so crazy, that I have not had time to write a new post since I’ve been back to work. I just wanted to say that your comment has stayed with me the entire time. It was so encouraging to hear that even one little thing I wrote was helpful to someone else! I am going to update the clothing post now, and I hope to add a few more posts over the next few months. Thank you so much for your kind words – I appreciate them more than you can know.

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